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Volkswagen Tiguan: Stylish and Protective SUV

Flaunt your style in the new Volkswagen Tiguan. This sleek and sophisticated SUV was designed with your comfort in mind, and you'll be equipped with the world's best safety features. You'll stay connected with the enhanced technology they've installed as well and feel elegant when you drive through Fort Collins.



The new Volkswagen Tiguan has great technology installed in the stylish cabin that keeps you connected with your friend and family while you travel around Denver.

You'll feel safe with Adaptive Cruise Control that keeps your car's speed at whatever you set as well as maintaining a good distance between you and the vehicle ahead. Blind Spot Monitoring with Side Assist ensures that you are aware of what's beside you before lane changes.

The Pedestrian Monitoring system watches the road with you and gently applies brakes or comes to a full stop if you are close to a pedestrian. In addition to all of these great systems, you'll also get an Overhead View Camera that shows you the entire area surrounding your car. This makes it possible for you to maneuver as you please and watch for other vehicles, pedestrians, and anything else that may be in your way. The new Volkswagen Tiguan comes loaded with a ton of enhanced technology that you're sure to love.


You'll get to stretch your legs in the cabin of a new Volkswagen Tiguan comfortably. This model was designed with regard to your comfort and cargo needs You'll find the 73.5 cubic feet available for you to store your treasures as you adventure to Westminster.

This family SUV seats five comfortably and makes it possible for everyone to stretch out and relax. The foldable second row allows you to free up even more cargo space for your belongings and have a tailgate party with the family outdoors. Speaking of tailgates, the one you'll get in this new Volkswagen Tiguan is completely hands-free so you can open and close without any struggle.

A panoramic sunroof inside of this model allows you to see the stars and the scenery in Thorton. It also offers just as much luxury with the Adaptive LED headlights that ensure you won't blind on-comers on the road. You'll feel catered to in every way imaginable in your new SUV.


Get in the spirit of adventure with the new Volkswagen Tiguan and it's 4MOTION All-Wheel Drive. It allows for even distribution of power between all of your wheels, which means increased traction and stability on the roads of Boulder. This has been coupled with a traction Mode Selection System that allows you to choose between on-road, snow mode, off-road and off-road custom. Each mode will enable you to apply more traction or power where you need it, depending on the weather conditions you're driving in.

The eight-speed transmission allows for you to get a little more vivacious on and off the road, and you'll want to with the Turbocharged Engine they've installed in the model as well. The Volkswagen Tiguan was built for speed, but it also has your safety in mind at all times.


The cage that the new Volkswagen Tiguan has around it is built to absorb crash energy and save you and your passengers in the event of a serious accident. The rearview camera system allows you to see what's behind you at all times, so you never have to worry about hitting anything because of rearview mirror glare.

You'll feel extremely protected with the Intelligent Crash Response System that senses the severity of your accident and immediately unlocks car doors, initiates hazard lights and more.

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