The New 2022 Volkswagen Jetta at Ed Carroll Motor Company

The Volkswagen brand has always been the choice for a fun, cost-effective, and economic ride for drivers in Fort Collins. But, in 2022, the Volkswagen Jetta has decided to take a leap. They improved upon every feature, inside and out, to present something that not only looks fun to drive but is fun to drive. Introducing the 2022 Volkswagen Jetta. For all your driving needs.

The 2022 Volkswagen Jetta

With exterior lines that define its character, the VW Jetta creates a perfect balance of an economical ride with modern sophistication. The design is Aristocrat meets Poet on the streets of Thornton. The best of both worlds combined into one poetic vehicle for your morning and afternoon commutes.

With premium features in technology and safety, the VW Jetta is ready to take control of your journey-with you behind the wheel. What else does the Volkswagen Jetta have in store for you? Let's take a further look, shall we?

Interior and Comfort

The VW Jetta sets the mood inside the cabin with interior ambient lighting. There's nothing like the soothing colors that stretch from the driver's side door, across the dashboard, and to the passenger's door that can make any ride enjoyable from the inside out. And, on those nights when you can enjoy a full moon in Boulder, the available panoramic sunroof lets the light in while you enjoy a clear view of the beauty above.

The VW Jetta offers a wide range of customizable seating options, including ventilated and heated choices. Whether you have a long trip ahead or experienced a long workday, the ride home will get you ready for the comfortable bed you have waiting for you. Call it the pre-bed seats-Maybe?


If you don't have top-level technology in your 2022 vehicle, then you're riding in the wrong car. That VW Jetta comes with available wireless charging for compatible devices. No more worrying if you forgot your charger at home. Just plop your phone on the deck and let the rest take care of itself. That's convenience in a nutshell.

Instead of the traditional cluster screen, you can view information digitally in high resolution. You can even customize what's displayed. Do you only want your speed and GPS route information? That's all you will see. In your 2022 VW Jetta, it's totally up to you. The App-Connect option allows seamless connection for your Apple or Android device to display on the mid-dash touchscreen. Easily accessible. Extreme convenience.


What makes a vehicle safe? Is it a rear-view camera that provides a wide lens for clear eyesight behind you? Is it a Forward Collision Warning to help prevent accidents? How about stability-enhancing systems like Electronic Brake-pressure distribution for more stopping power during hard breaks? The 2022 VW Jetta has that-and more.

Keep you and your family safe on those trips from Boulder to Denver with an array of top-notch safety features inside your Volkswagen Jetta.


Did you just read that this Volkswagen Jetta has a turbocharged engine? No, you didn't-until now. Think of mighty mouse. Who would've thought something so small could move so fast? In 2022, all things are possible in the world of Volkswagen.

Make the 2022 Volkswagen Jetta Your Next Vehicle

Fuel efficient, cost-effective, and even MORE fun-is how you would describe your new Volkswagen Jetta to your friends in Westminster. And it could be yours today. Our friendly finance associates are ready to assist you with discounts, specials, and incentives that we can apply towards your purchase. With lease options available at every turn, we're sure that we can find rates that satisfy your bank account in Fort Collins.

Are you ready to take your Volkswagen Jetta home? Call, visit or contact us online today and get the process started. You can get pre-approved, find your trade value and shop all at the click of a button. Your new Volkswagen Jetta is waiting for you. Are you ready to take the wheel?